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Recommend new knives in 2020!

The designer of FT11 is an experienced outdoor explorer who knows the practicality of outdoor folding knives very well. FT11 has gone through several versions of the design, and it finally faces the market. 14C28N blade and left and right interchangeable pockets Clip, an ideal folding knife for outdoor enthusiasts.

When you camping or hiking, you always need to cutting something such as fruit,rope,wood,meat,and so on. A folding knife will be your useful tool, an easy carry knife will be every important for daily outdoor activity, FT11 with the exchangeable clip(right hand or left hand) is the ideal choice.

FT11 black stone wash blade made the whole knife looks more domineering,The handling of every detail is also in place, the main screw, the thumb cone, and the anti-slip groove, all these are what a good knife should have,that is FT11!

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