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Top 5 Affordable Folding Knives of 2020

When we talk folding knife we always talk spyderco,CRKT,Buck,Benchmade, and so on, yes, I have to say they are popular brand,and provide great knife. But when it comes to owning the best and affordable pocket knives, you always have to consider price and performance. This means that the knife has to be affordable and play good performance,  and the various functions other than just being portable.

Are you looking for some affordable pocket knife?

No worries as we get to get share with you a guide that should help you get started. You will definitely have an idea of which one is your ideal affordable knife.

1.FreeTiger FT903

FT903 made by a new manufacturer from China,D2 steel blade and G-10 Handle is the knife’s base collocation, also with droppoint blade , ball bearing system, smooth flipper open action, beautiful look & handsome was mentioned in large of reviews!

2.Ganzo F759M

At first glance it looks a lot like Spyderco Delica’s,I have to admit that there are many references to Spyderco Delica’s. This Ganzo F759M is definitely an excellent choice for this price level.

Overall the F759M is pretty good for the value. I have quite a few of them and this one has more pros than cons.Blade is razor sharp out of the box,locking mechanism works great and there’s no blade wobble,blade itself is perfectly centered when opened and closed.

3.Harnds CK9168

I have to say that CK9168 is one of the most popular Chinese brand knives recently.This Harnds CK9168 Talisman is a visually very attractive and elegant knife.Fresh out of the box has the smoothest opening ever, thanks to ceramic bearings. “Pocket Clip” that completely hides the knife.Very good finishes, better than average in Chinese quality knives.

4.Enlan EL-01

Enlan EL-01 with liner lock, the size like to CK9168,with 8Cr13mov steel blade and the price is better. Strong, sturdy folder with an excellent fit and finish, flipper opening system, G-10 handle with good ergonomics, massive blade (thickness: 3.7 mm),several screws on the handle,strong, thick liners and lock-bar. There are two options, plain blade and half serrated.

5.FreeTiger FT901

The FREETIGER FT901 with razor sharp D2 blade, it is lightweight , when you hold it on your handle, you will find any cutting task become so easy. the price is so nice, it will be your one choice if you want to buy a good knife at the best price.

How to choose a afforadable and quality folding knife for yourself?


If you are buying a tool with a very limited budget, you must consider the price. Usually you can buy a very good pocket knife with a budget of more than 100$, but the budget of 100$ is not affordable for everyone who wants to have a pocket knife. The most ideal price should be between 20$-50$, and the price varies according to the material and structure of the tool.


For the price of 20$-50$, the blade material can be D2, 12C27, 12C48N, 440C, 8CR13Mov, 9CR13Mov.The blade material is always important as it determines just well the model will last. As the type of material, large of people will choose D2 knives. And the other thing is steel use. Not all the stainless steel types are great in terms of performance and durability. What you do is being sure the type that you get to choose can deliver on impressive durability and retain the edge for longer.


The handle plays an important role when it comes to the ergonomics. It is the reason you might want to get a model that delivers on the best ergonomics with the design and material of the handle. Of the price $20~50$ ,common materials include Plastic,  Wood, G-10, and Micarta. Each of these materials are good in terms of making sure you end up with a good performance knife for outdoor working.

4.Locking Secure Mechanism

You always have to look at the locking mechanism. The common mechanisms include the manual opening, switchable or automatic, and assisted opening mechanism. You are likely to get the manual method being common but you can also get the others in some common knives. All are good to some extent. This will all depend on the personal preference so that you can end up with the best knife for you.

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