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Top Recommend 3 Folding Knives From A Woodcutter

“Thanks the post from Blus Smith” – topomart

As a woodcutter who has been working outdoors for a long time, I didn’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Fortunately, I was invited by and it took me some time to write this article. To be honest, it’s really hard for me to write some words about knives in front of the computer

Before you landed here, you may have visited another site or two that feels they are the expert advice on the best EDC knives. After all, some sites do merely regurgitate shopping platform reviews. But let us be honest. Simply taking photos of knives you have bought in no way implies that you have either carried or actually used said knives in any way. Besides, the more knives you own, the less any one of them gets used. You may often see some reviews on youtube or other social networking sites and forums, but reviews that are not actually used are unreliable.Now I listed some of knives reviews,hope it be useful for you choosing edc knife.

The first folding pocket knife based on my personal preference. I’ve carried it for 2 years as part of my everyday carry. Yes, a famous brand knife made the top on your list, but the knife in question had nothing but positive reviews from those close to me that have carried it. Read on for a full description of each of my 5 folding pocket knives.

Folding knife: #1 Harnds Talisman CK9168

The Harnds Talisman is a chinese designed and made knife that stacks up an impressive value. It’s a larger unassisted flipper running on ball bearings for under $40 most places. sent this to me so I could tell you what I think.
This knife is running on small bearings and flips really smoothly right out of the box. It’s an unassisted flipper, Many budget blades or even higher end knives need some break in time. The Talisman was really smooth right out of the box and centering was great. It did have a bit of excess oil that needed wiped off but that’s not a bad thing. The flipper seems to be at a pretty good angle but not perfect. It has some jimping on the flipper itself to aid in deploymen
The blade is a modified drop point shape, that’s full flat ground in a satin finish and made of AUS-8 Steel. I like drop point blades and I find it to be a great slicer both in practical everyday tasks like opening packages and envelopes, and food prep. AUS-8 is an ok steel, slightly better than 8Cr13Mov. Some big knife companies like SOG use it on a lot of knives that cost way more. Out of the box sharpness was good but not hair popping sharp like some of the Ganzo’s I have gotten. This should be a quick touch up though and then it will be great, just don’t expect it to hold an edge without some up keep. The grinds on each side of the blade are nice and even. Lockup is a little early on this liner lock. I would guess this will wear in and improve as you use the knife.

Folding knife: #2 Ganzo Firebird FH41

I’ve been carrying this knife in my pocket as an EDC for a few months now. For this, it has been totally great. The action is smooth. The knife eats cardboard boxes. I use the Ganzo Firebird FH41 to slice apples and I haven’t seen any discoloration or oxidation from the D2 tool steel.

Last weekend was the first time I’ve gone hiking in a long while. I decided to go hiking with a wife, so we limited ourselves to nearly hiking. It was the perfect opportunity to put it to my backpack and only rely on my folding knife.

However, that’s not the point. Here, I wanted to talk about the effectiveness of this knife as an outdoor knife. Overall, it rips. I am more than impressed by how well built this knife feels. Batoning wood with the loose blade wasn’t a worry when creating a fire board. Carving a spindle from cottonwood was easy and I was able to make a friction fire using my folding knife as a hand hold.

Fast forward to a week later, I’m sitting at my desk and cant find a noticeable knick or chip in my blade. It’s still as sharp as ever.

You’d never know this was a cheap knife. Seriously. Hand to God, if this was a Pepsi challenge and you asked me how much this knife would retail for, I’d say at least over $100. the quality of the build feels great. The fit and finish is fantastic. The micarta scales are ever so slightly textured, adding a refinement you don’t see in a knife at this price.

Folding knife: #3 Land 910

I finally received this knife from topomart months ago.
The knife came in a plain blue cardboard box.Out of the box the knife is sharp and has no bladeplay at all.The centering is perfect, nice finish issues.

Worth the money, nothing fancy, worker’s blade, one that will fill most tasks needed from an EDC knife and one that you won’t baby (because of the price and the construction). For sure the best sub $30 knife I have ever handled. Nicer than the Spyderco Tenacious. Smooth, perfectly centered blade and good looking. Good liner-lock alternative to Ganzo knives and a way to try the Sebenza’s ergos and blade in action.I hope that after making a name for themselves with this one, Land will continue to cheer us with the same quality of construction, but other, more interesting and original designs.

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