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9 Ways your knife can be your lifesaver in a survival situation

Learn how a knife can save your life in a survival situation. If you’re out in the wilderness and disaster strikes and all you have is your knife and your knowledge, you’ll make it if you know how a knife can save your life.

Just take moment to imagine yourself out in the wilderness without any survival gear but your knife. It isn’t a nice picture when you don’t know how to use that one piece of survival gear.

So take a moment and learn the ways that a knife can become your lifesaver.

1. Self-Defense

You may not want to but you have to consider, a knife was invented primarily as a weapon. It is to your benefit indeed, to know how to use it to defend yourself from animals and people alike.

2. Hunting

When you’re out in the wild in a survival situation, getting food is one of your top priorities. Whether foraging for edibles or hunting for fish or game, a knife can do a good job at it. You can use your knife as a hunting tool by attaching it to a pole or long stick to use as a spear.

3. Dressing Game

After you successful hunt, the next step is to skin or gut your catch and what better tool to use than your knife! Most fish have gills and fins too sharp and thick for your hands to handle so let a knife do the job and avoid injuring your hands.

4. Splitting Wood

Yes, your knife can split thick chunks of wood if you know the technique. Make a wedge in the wood and lodge the sharp edge of the knife safely in with your hands on the handle. Use another thick piece of wood and use it as a baton to drive the knife deep and split the wood.

5. Making Fire

Now that you have wood, the next step for your survival is to make fire. In case you don’t have any fire starters, your knife can work wonders in this area. Making a feather stick can help you build fire faster and effectively. Use your knife to split the wood into smaller pieces, then make shavings to make thinner wood strips.

6. Opening Cans And Shells

Okay, so you were able to bring some canned goods, but you forgot the can opener. Don’t fret, a knife can be your substitute! You can also use your knife to pry other things open, like shells.

7. Tool Making

A knife is a tool in itself but when you need other tools for your survival, you can surely use it to make some stakes, spears, snares, fish hooks and others.

8. Making Or Cutting Rope

It’s easy cutting rope or anything when you have a knife but to make a rope? Out in the wilderness, rope making with the aid of a knife is vital. Strip large bark off a tree and split it into thin strips, then weave it to make your rope stronger.

9. Rescue Tool

While you see movie heroes breaking through glass with their own body or hands, you would do well to avoid it in real life. If you find yourself or someone trapped in a car or a building,  you can use your knife to break a window or get the person out of the car by cutting through their seat belt.

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