Ganzo 26 IN 1 Multi pliers Hand Tool Set with Screwdriver Kit Portable Knife Stainless Pliers



Main Features

“Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G301:
Handle and all tools are made of high-quality steel (440C) with chromium-plated cover. Being compact (10.5×5 cm) the Multi-Tool includes 26 tools.

Ganzo G301 could be useful not only for tourists, hunters and fishermen but also at home. The Multi-Tool will be useful if you need urgently to repair a zipper or cut out something because it contains cutting pliers and scissors, and much more.

The Multi-Tool has an elegant form so it could be hung on the keys as a key-holder or put on a belt with a special cover.

Multi-Tool Ganzo G301 consists of the following tools:

Pliers and cutting pliers (spring loaded for easier use);
Screw-driver (minus);
Serrated knife (serrated blade);
Knife for opening cans and jars;
Bottle opener;
Tool for insulation removing;
Device to capture nuts;
Scissors; Cairn (awl);
Hanging ring;
Two-row saw;
Bit-holder (a magnet) and 12 nozzles.

Small weight (253 gram) with excellent functionality;
Elegant form;