Ganzo Hand Tool Sex with Multi Pliers Knife Saw Screwdriver



Main Features

Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G301H:
Body and all tools of Multi-Tool are made of heat-treated high-carbon steel with chromized coating. This steel provides reliable and long-term use of tools and minimizes the risk of corrosion.

All G301H tools are very easy to open; to use one of them is not necessary to apply force. Each tool is securely fixed making Multi-Tool more convenient to use.

The product sizes are 10.5×5 cm, so it can be easily moved in the pocket or backpack stowed. For even more convenience, you can wear it in a special case on his belt.

Multi-Tool G301H consists of several devices:

Combination pliers;
Small cutting pliers;
Screw-driver (“minus”), convenient knife;
Serrated blade;
Device to open bottles;
Wire stripper;
Small but convenient saw;
Device to capture cylinders;
Scissors, awl;
Suspension ring;
2 nozzles with a screwdriver and key holder.

Small size which is very convenient for storage and use;
Possibility to perform 26 different types of work;
Elegant and stylish form which allows to use it as a key-hol